Pendarvis Harshaw – Writer

Pendarvis is a renowned journalist and educator based in Sacramento and Oakland, California. He has taught journalism to high school students as well as incarcerated men. He is a staff writer & podcast producer at KQED, as well as a graduate of UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism. His first book, OG Told Me, is a memoir-style collection of essays about Harshaw’s coming of age experience as a black man in America.

Brandon Tauszik – Photographer & Filmmaker

Brandon is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles and Oakland, California. His long-term projects examine elements of America’s social periphery. His most recent works have incorporated the largely unexplored medium of cinemagraphs, a delicate hybrid between the still image and film. This work has received reviews from TIME, Slate, VICE, Medium and many more.

Special Thanks

Andres Gonzales, Annie Roge, Arnoldo Trevino, Cameron Woodward, Carvell Wallace, Dolores Lyles, Eddy Zheng, Frankie Guzman, Gretchen Newby, Henry Ortiz, Jon Grobman, Jon Tigar, Joseph Rodriguez, Katherine Katcher, Keith Wattley, Kenneth Hartman, Kim Carter, Lilli Paratore, Lonnie Tuck, Matty Lynn Barnes, Nate Williams, Pete Brook, Ron Moss, Sam Lewis, Sandra Johnson, Scott Kernan, Spencer Williams, Watani Stiner, Zoe Mullery. 

Anti Recidivism Coalition, Asian Prisoners Support Committee, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Rising Sun, Root & Rebound, The Sentencing Project, Sierra Health Foundation, UnCommon Law.